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Pregnant Dominican girl dies as abortion ban delays leukemia treatment

This is an extremely controversial case—do we choose the mother to live or the unborn baby?  In this case, both have died due to a failure to act and now we are left with a grieving mother, a dead teen, and a dead, unborn child.

Seeing that this girl was simply being treated as an incubator—an object; I believe she had a right to live and receive the treatment that could’ve saved her life.  Even if another would’ve rejected the treatment, she at least deserved the choice to receive it.


Breastfeeding Dad Raises New Questions About Motherhood

So, they criticize all of the moms who don’t do it, BUT they want to stop those who actually do just because they live differently…So, if some how natural born men were able to breastfeed we would tell them no? He still has the ability to feed his child, why not let him use the one part of his naturally born body that he’s comfortable with?

(I hate yahoo articles as it is, but I was too annoyed to look at another source)

What’s in a word?

Today during a staff meeting, an interesting topic was brought up—words and the feminist movement.

One woman informed us that at one point, every tropical storm and hurricane was named after a woman since the storms “reflected a woman’s nature.”  Obviously, the naming process has changed since then to name storms after both genders, but there are still examples of sexist wording today.

Many may know that the condition of “hysteria” used to be thought of as a disease caused by the uterus that made women “hysterical.”  Today, we know that hysteria was just an umbrella term used to describe nearly any “problem” or emotional “outburst” a woman experienced.

Yet, when we get our appendix or spleen removed, it is called an appendectomy and a splenectomy, respectively.  While today, when a woman has her uterus removed, it is called a hysterectomy.  I’m sure everyone automatically caught the root word now that the parallel has been drawn, but before this meeting, I never really thought about it.  Why is this procedure still called a hysterectomy despite the fact we now know the uterus does not cause hysteria?  

Some words just need to be changed, especially ones that are sexist and medically incorrect.


Kicked out for a racist tweet: Greek triple jumper is banned from the Games after her African 'joke' Read more:

Nothing about this is okay. Kudos to the Greek Olympic Committee for not allowing her to compete. Racism is not funny, and it is worse when it is expressed by someone who is representing their country on the world stage.

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